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We continually assess all company activities in order to lessen our carbon footprint. By advising clients on stock, size, pagination and finish, we aim to minimise inefficiencies and wastage on their jobs, also providing them with direct financial savings.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means that we:

Our Xerox Color 1000 Press uses Emulsion Aggregate-Eco Toner (EA-Eco Toner), a specific dry ink created in a controlled process combining slow-melting and sharp-melting polyester. The result has a lower melting point than standard inks, requiring 25 percent less energy.

For more information on our equipment’s green credentials, please visit Fuji Xerox.

We purchase paper from suppliers who have implemented responsible policies. This ensures that specified papers are from sustainable, legal and well-managed forest sources that fulfil the requirements of New Zealand and international standards and laws.